What’s the difference between a co-sleeper and a bassinet? Making sense of baby sleeping options

What’s the difference between a co-sleeper and a bassinet? Making sense of baby sleeping options

Baby Boomers or Gen X'ers weren't spoilt for choice when it came to choosing their new baby's place of sleep. There was no overwhelming plethora of information to Google and digest before making the big decision on where your baby would sleep. You received your slightly older cousin or sibling's hand-me-down crib, and that was that!

Fast forward to 2021, where the options are vast and the information free-flowing as everyone has a platform to share what they think is best.

From Cots to Co-Sleepers, to Bassinets and Moses Baskets, and what works best in your space, that's a lot of information for new parents to navigate!

Let's run through some baby sleeping options so you can make the choice that's right for you!^


What's a Bassinet?

More portable than a cot (or crib, as it's known in the US) and easier to manoeuvre, bassinets are suited to smaller spaces and anyone that may struggle to move about freely (hello, C-Section mamas!) and lean over (hey, shorties!). If you would like your baby to be in the same room as you once you get home from the hospital, then this is a great option.

What size sheets do I use with a Bassinet?

A super-versatile piece, our Bassinet Sheets are made to fit all bassinets on the market. The fabulous thing about this sheet size is that you can repurpose them as an on-trend change pad cover at home, and they also work brilliantly as a waterproof cover for vintage flat-bed prams!


What are Co-Sleepers?

Co-sleepers, or side-car cribs, are an alternative to bassinets and becoming more popular here in Australia.

Co-sleepers attach snugly to the side of the bed, so parents can soothe baby back to sleep without having to leave the bed. Drop or roll-down sides give quick and easy access for settling and feeding throughout the night, which can be a godsend in the early days when you are getting the hang of night-feeds, and when baby is going through a leap (you'll get to know these well!).

Note: Co-sleeping is when parents sleep in the same bed with their baby, and we don't recommend it as a safe sleep practice. 

What size sheets do I use with a Co-Sleeper?

Marmalade Lion's Cot Sheets have been tried and tested to fit Co-sleepers beautifully, making a practical and economical choice for when baby is ready to upgrade!


Cots, or Cribs

A cot is a natural progression for bubs that need less attention at night and simply when they grow too big for a bassinet!

A cot, or crib, takes up a lot more space than a bassinet, so a bassinet may fit better in a smaller house. However, if the thought of buying a piece of furniture for only a few months before needing to upgrade (i.e. bassinet to cot) seems like a lot of money and effort, then you may decide to put bub straight into a cot from the get-go.

What size sheets do I use with a Cot?

Our Cot Sheets are made to fit all cots on the market and are also the perfect size for Co-sleepers, so you may like the ease of having one sheet size until ready for a big bed.



In most cases, most new parents choose either a bassinet OR co-sleeper for their newborn baby before upgrading to a cot as their baby grows. Everyone is different and will decide based on their living situation, finances and most importantly, their own baby. Hopefully, this blog has provided a little more background on the options available to you.

Staying true to our sustainability ethos, at Marmalade Lion, we love products with more than one purpose. It's no different for our bedsheets– by making the right choices, you can repurpose our bedsheets and scale-up or hand them down as a beautiful keepsake. Best of all, we have a solution to your child's unique sleeping situation!

Marmalade Lion's Expect-A-Spill sheets are available for bassinets, cots, and single beds in an array of whimsical hand-illustrated designs.


Tip: Team sheets with our super-snuggly reversible All Seasons Blankets or Bedspreads made of breathable Tencel® fabric to make a beautiful bedtime pair!


^Disclaimer: Please always ensure you adhere to safe sleeping guidelines in your jurisdiction. In Australia, we recommend checking out https://rednose.org.au/section/education



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