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Lady Elliot Island

Our Lady Elliot Island print has been hand illustrated by a local artist specially for our gorgeous baby products. Each print has been thoughtfully created by our team to perfectly suit our products and the needs of the everyday mama.

Everything we do at Marmalade Lion is rooted in our love of nature and the reason we have created this range is to honour it.

The Lady Elliot Island print was influenced by a visit to the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef. We were inspired by natural the beauty to create this print and bring it into your home to enjoy every day.

Lady Elliot Island is a key part of the natural Australian habitat for Sea Turtles, so we thought it was very important to feature him in this pattern. You’ll see the vibrant colours in the coral and visits from lots of our marine friends. Bubs will spend hours exploring the reef and spotting the sting rays, turtles, coral, clown fish, pearls and even maybe a mermaids tail! We wanted to put every fish, bird and mammal into this print but we ran out of room!

Not to mention as proud Supporters of the Great Barrier Reef - $1 from every product sold in the Lady Elliot Island collection is donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

We currently have fourteen products that feature the Lady Elliot Island print in our range. You can have this gorgeous print featured on our Play Mats, Pram Liners, Couch Covers, Change Mats, Smocks, Splat Mats, Sheets, Wet Bags, Hats, Art Smocks and Shopper Bags

All of our prints are perfect to mix and match and use together. Your babe can relax on their Lady Elliot Island pram liner, keep their bedding nice and clean with our Cockatoo Expect-A-Spill Sheets, enjoy some messy play with our Cuddly Faces Art Smock. If you need our products on the go why not put them in a Cheeky Emu Back Pack or Little Creatures Shopper Bag?

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