Lady Elliot Island Expect-A-Spill Bassinet Sheet

Our Expect-A-Spill Bassinet sheets also double up as pram bassinets and change table covers. 

At Marmalade Lion, we’re proud supporters of the Great Barrier Reef and a portion from every product sold in the Lady Elliot Island collection is donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. 

    These are the best fitted sheets ever!! Read on...

    Marmalade Lion sheets are not only crafted in stunning hand illustrated designs, they are also super functional! 

    They're assembled from the purest cotton cloth in a strong sateen weave fabric to promote breathe-ability.

    EXPECT-A-SPILL Innovation - We’ve also developed a unique soft knitted waterproof barrier fabric and added a tiny bit of wadding on the internal side to stop any spills from seeping through to your mattress and voiding those warranties! Unlike other waterproof coatings on the market, we use a TPU coating which is not only more environmentally friendly it is also non-toxic and biodegradable too!!

    It's amazing! And so quiet! Shhhhh.... don't wake the baby!

    It also comes in a handy drawstring bag for easy storage. Yessss

    Dimensions: 79cm x 40cm with a drop of 13cm

    PLEASE NOTE: The Bassinet Sheets are a universal fit made to fit a standard rectangular bassinet. They will also fit a circular bassinet by tucking the sides underneath.

    Care Instructions:Please Click Here 

    Due to the natural properties of working with cotton fabric when manufacturing cotton products there is a chance there could be a loose thread on the finished item - please firstly remove item from bag and check for any loose threads before putting your baby anywhere near the product.

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