The Wisdom of Wombats Babushka Nesting Dolls

We’ve created a set of loveable wombat nesting dolls, each representing a different emotion and special character of their own. Help your little ones understand and communicate how they’re feeling with the help of new friends Grumpy, Cheery, Heartfelt, Teary and Sleepy Wombat as they navigate the big wide world of emotions! We’ve created a beautiful and unique keepsake that’s not only educational but makes a stunning addition to any mantle or a sentimental gift for a loved one.

  • This set of wooden babushka wombats also comes with an easy-to-read book, to enjoy with your children as they discover each wombat’s colourful personality. We believe all of our wombats are super special in their own unique way, and they’re here to brighten your day!

Customer Reviews

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Paula Francis
The best new baby gift ever.

I bought these as a newborn baby gift. They are unique , perfect and something the baby will have forever and hopefully pass on to her children. Just love them

Jennifer Banks
Nesting birds

These are absolutely beautiful! I love the fact that they are Australian made!

Heath Wilson
Beautiful, perfect gift

Not just for babies! This was a perfect Mother’s Day gift for a bird lover. Quality was amazing and the uniqueness made it a hit ☺️

Vicki Main
Wombat babushka nesting dolls

I purchased for new granddaughter and our son and daughinlaw are thrilled,as our daughter inlaw adires your products. Such a beautiful keepsake. Thankyou 🤗


We are delighted with our recent purchase of the Bird Babushka Nesters. They are beautifully painted onto sturdy timber bases. Fit together and pull apart well.

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