Expect-A-Spill Backpacks

Our new and improve range of Expect-A-Spill backpacks will be available for purchase in early November. These will be available in NINE designs. 

Read our reviews to see why our Marmalade Lion Expect-A-Spill children's Backpacks are not like others!

We have designed something that is practical and not just pretty!

Key features include: Water resistant fabric, an insulated elastic side pocket, an insulated front lunch box, generous size, sturdy base and ergonomic straps. Plus, every backpack comes with a detachable Wet Bag which is perfect for quarantining wet and dirty clothes. 

Cockatoo Expect-A-Spill Backpack
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Cuddly Faces Expect-A-Spill Backpack
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Modern Native Expect-A-Spill Backpack
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Our Expect-A-Spill Backpacks are beautiful and super practical, they’re like no other.

With a built-in insulated lunch box and water bottle holder we’ve got lunch time covered. Our backpacks are made from our easy to care for TPU waterproof fabric which is also eco-friendly. Your backpack can be used as a nappy bag, kinder bag or even a school bag. It’s super easy to wipe clean and also water resistant. The ergonomic shoulder straps are extremely padded making it so comfortable and easy to wear. There is an added carry handle for easy storage. With a front pocket, 2 side pockets and an internal pocket we’ve thought of all your storage needs, as well as adding a name badge.

Our Backpacks are the highest quality and should last you through multiple children. They also make a terrific gift as they're not only practical but the designs are beautiful and will definitely be the talk of the town!

We've added a detachable re-usable wet bag which is perfect for quarantining wet and dirty clothes. Our Wet bags are also made from our environmentally friendly and waterproof TPU fabric and are perfect for those Expect-A-Spill moments at swimming, pre-school, the shopping centre - anywhere! Featuring a drawcord and toggle closure, wet bags are a great size to hold spare nappies when not in use, making them the perfect baby travel accessory. Rated to hold up to a cup of liquid these bags were designed to get you out of those sticky (and wet!) situations. Wet Bags are the perfect size to hold spare nappies when not in use and rated to hold up to a cup of liquid at any time.

We recommend carrying no more than 5kg in our Backpacks at any time.
As per current recommendations Children should be carrying no more than 10% of their body weight.

Dimensions : 40x30x20cm

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