Nesting Dolls

Currently available in five signature designs, our Nesting Dolls are the perfect nostalgic keepsake along with our newly released Quokka and Penguin Rattles.  Crafted from Wood and hand-illustrated with non-toxic paints, these Nesting Dolls are intended as decorative items (definitely not toys!).

With an obsessive attention to detail and nostalgic inspiration, these birds will make the perfect addition to your shelf of memories.  

We have also created a set of our beautiful Inspirational Women of the World Nesting Dolls with 5 significant and inspirational women of the world including Frida Kahlo, Lady Diana, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie and Aretha Franklin. We wanted to create something beautiful that could sit on a mantle, gift to a loved one or rest on your sons or daughters bedroom shelf to help educate and excite our little ones. Our Inspiration Women Nesting Dolls come with an informative book with wooden cover making it easy to display.

Australian Birds include a Cockatoo, Galah, Kookaburra, Budgerigar and Penguin.

British Birds include a Barn Owl, Green Woodpecker, Magpie, Robin and Blue Tit. 

North American Birds include a Bald Eagle, Blue Jay, Hummingbird, Cardinal and American Robin. 

Our Nesting Dolls make the most beautiful keepsake for your little one. They display beautifully on a nursery shelf and make the perfect companion to our Expect-A-Spill Sheets.

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