Wet Bags

Wet Bags are perfect for keeping those wet or dirty clothes quarantined in your day/nappy bag and more importantly, for limiting the use of plastic bags! 

Madefrom environmentally friendly (and waterproof!) TPU fabric, Wet Bags are essential for those Expect-A-Spill moments at swimming, pre-school, the shopping centre - anywhere you can think of really!

Made from easy-care waterproof fabric, theseswimming bags are wipeable or machine washable. They contain a drawcord and toggle closure and are the perfect size to hold spare nappies when not in use. Rated to hold up to a cup of liquid, these bags are here for you!

At Marmalade Lion, we think it's so important to reduce the use of plastic bags and help protect our planet! As part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we offer a Wet Bag Program to Childcare Centres and Kindergartens. This program offers a discount to the parents as an incentive to make the change from single use plastic.

For the ultimate nappy bag combo, Wet Bags can be coupled with our portable change mats. The nappy and swim bag are compact and fold down, and both come wrapped in an environmentally-friendly eco mesh bag which is the perfect value add. Use your eco bags while grocery shopping or simply storing away toys and Lego.

Available in most of our signature prints including Little Creatures, Lady Elliot Island, Cockatoo, Cuddly Faces, Modern Native and Cheeky Emu.

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