The Best Beautiful and Practical Children’s Products for 2024

The Best Beautiful and Practical Children’s Products for 2024

Why settle for low-quality children’s products when there are other options available? 

At Marmalade Lion, we have a range of beautiful children’s products for you to choose from. 

From sun hats for outdoor play and splat mats for indoors, we have everything you need for safe and clean playtimes. 

Today we’re going to deep dive into our products and see what the best options are for 2023. 

Why should you purchase Marmalade Lion’s products? 

At Marmalade Lion, we specialise in creating practical and beautiful children’s products. All our items are made to last and come in a range of designs that will only complete your decor. Our styles include everything from Australian native to fun and quirky prints. All our charming textiles spam different items allowing you to purchase only the best for your little ones. 

Our top children’s products for 2024

Whether this is for your first child, or you need some updated products, at Marmalade Lion, we have the perfect options for you. All our beautiful children’s products come in fun prints to suit your aesthetic. Here are some of our favourite items for 2023. Do any of these must-haves stand out to you? 


Couch Covers


Give your current toddler couch a makeover with our couch covers. All our options are sustainably designed in Australia and come in a range of different prints. Any of our couch covers will give your little one’s sofa a new look and brighten up your house. All you need to do is slip the cover over your toddler's couch, and you instantly have a new look. Whether it’s for the bedroom, playroom, classroom or living area, we have the perfect designs to suit your needs. 




Baby Play Mats


Our activity mats are the perfect addition to any play space. They are available in both cotton and wool with different designs to choose from. All baby play mats are padded with thick, soft memory foam for increased comfort and longevity. They are body temperature activated and will keep your baby safe on top of any terrane. Take it to the nursery, backyard, park, beach and any other place you can think of. Scroll through the different options and find the best choice for you. 




Pram Liners


Kids spend a lot of time in their prams, it’s only right that they get ferried around in style and comfort. Our universal pram liners are beautiful and super practical as well. By using high-quality, non-toxic materials they create a soft and gentle feel we know your little ones will love. The durable material bounces back to its original shape with ease, and can be used with multiple children as your family grows. See what options are available and make your outings fun with one of our pram liners. 




Art Smocks


Children can be messy, and we have the perfect item to help make your clean-ups easy. Our art smocks are available in a range of different prints. They’re made using TPU waterproof fabric for the front with soft cotton sateen sleeves. And to add to the design, there’s also a front pouch for storage. The innovative design is machine washable and wipeable. This easy-to-put-on design is perfect for keeping your little one’s clothes clean. 




Sun Hats


Stay SunSmart during the hotter months with one of our beautiful sun hats. This clever design features a wide, stiff brim to keep your little one’s face out of the sun. Each hat is adjustable and suitable for 6 months to 5 years. And with the adjustable chin strap, you can securely attach the hat to their head. This fantastic design is machine washable and comes in a range of prints.  






Whether you’re after a day bag, wet bag, library bag, or backpack, we’ve got you covered. All our bag options are perfect for any activity you have planned. With different designs and styles for each bag type, we know we have the perfect options for your little ones. Scroll through our range to see if there’s anything that stands out to you and bring some colour and fun to your outings. 






Our blankets are an all-rounder purchase that is ideal for any season. They are designed and built using luxurious textures with different sizes for you to choose from. Each blanket is reversible and its versatile design makes styling with other linen a breeze. It can be used on its own during warmer months, or as a second layer when it’s a bit cooler. Have a look at the different designs to see if we have the best options for you. 



Give your kids the best child-friendly products

At Marmalade Lion, we create beautiful children’s products for different play activities. From activity mats to art smocks, we have a range of different items we know your little ones will adore. Take your time to go through our collections to see if there’s anything that stands out to you.


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