Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Best Baby Play Mats

Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Best Baby Play Mats
Are you looking for a fun and functional baby play mat you can take anywhere? There’s no need for you to look any further. At Marmalade Lion, our baby play mats are the perfect choice for you. And to top it all off, they come in a range of designs we know you will love. Take a look at what options are available and purchase the highest quality baby play mats in Australia for your little ones. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Play Mat Design For Your Little Ones

At Marmalade Lion, we have a fantastic range of styles and prints for you to choose from with more options being released. But how do you know what the best design is for you? Here are some ways to help you narrow down our selection and ensure you get the best designs for your little ones. 

Think about your living space

If your baby play mat is going to become a new feature in your home, you want it to match your space. Ideally, you want a design that compliments your space and brings harmony to the area. Take a moment to think about colours and prints that work for you and your little ones. 

Choose a design that means something to you or your baby

Did you know, at Marmalade Lion, all our prints have a story or meaning behind them? All our fabulous prints have a story and we further explain them in our ‘The Magic Behind Marmalade Lion’s 12 Signature Australian-Themed Prints: Our Creative Director Shares Her Inspiration’ blog. Have a look at the stories behind every print to see if there’s anything that stands out to you. 

See what options are available

While we do try to make your online experience as seamless as possible, there will be times when we will sell out of a particular design, but there’s no need for you to worry. All our out-of-stock designs will be replenished, however, you can always purchase one of our in-stock items and update the cover when it becomes available. 

Have a look at our Instagram for more inspiration 

At Marmalade Lion, if you’re looking for inspiration, our Instagram is full of style options that work for numerous living areas. Scroll through our images and videos to see if there’s anything that works for your little one. From making a permanent play space in your lounge or adding some colour to your playroom, see how other customers utilise our play mats to suit their living spaces. 

Ask for advice

You’re not in this alone. Whether you are purchasing a play mat for yourself or a loved one, there’s no harm in asking for advice when you are stuck. If making a decision is hard, see what other people recommend. Doing so will help give you a better idea and ensure you’re purchasing the best play mat design for your little ones. 

Remember: You can also have a look at our reviews and learn from other customers' experiences and see what their recommendations are. 

Our Top Baby Play Mats Designs In Australia 

If you are undecided about some of our baby play mat designs, take a look at some of our top selling options. 



Our Rosella print was inspired by what we see outside our windows. It has subtle hints of red and rose that make this gender-neutral play mat spectacular. The blue and green tones suit most living spaces and will only complement your little ones. See how this print is styled and add it to your cart. 



Lady Elliot Island

Do you have a love for the beach? Then this is the perfect option for you. The Lady Elliot Island design represents all the beautiful creatures found in the Great Barrier Reef. With depictions of coral and sea creatures, this is the ultimate design for any water baby. Find out more about how you can support the Great Barrier Reef on our sustainability page. 



Happy Buttons

As one of our brightest baby play mats, the Happy Buttons design compliments your little one’s gorgeous smile. This fantastic design is a beautiful addition to any nursery or play area. It features all the colours of the rainbow and will enhance any space. Does this design appeal to you? 



Get the best baby play mats in Australia from Marmalade Lion

At Marmalade Lion, we want to give you high quality products that last. Our baby play mats are easy to clean and come in a range of innovative designs. Whether you’re purchasing your first baby play mat or looking to update the cover, there are plenty of options available. Take your time to scroll through our Activity Mat collection and buy the best items for your little ones.


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