Sun's out, Hat's out!

Sun's out, Hat's out!

Summertime…and the livins’ easy… especially with adequate sun protection!

Our new summer hats here - just in time for summer. These hats have been carefully designed by us to tick all the mandatory boxes and we cannot wait to share them with you!

Our babies’ skin is so delicate it needs protecting especially in the harsh Australian sun. Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world because we are close to the equator and have many clear, blue-sky days. But even when you aren’t in direct sunlight it is still a good idea to stay protected as UV radiation can be scattered in the air and reflected off surfaces such as buildings, concrete and water. UV radiation can also pass through light clouds so keep those hats on!

Creating our own range of hats got us thinking (of course) about the most important factors involved in picking the perfect hat for our little ones.

  • Choose hats that provide good shade to the face, back of the neck, eyes and ears. A good sun hat can also help protect the eyes by reducing the amount of UV reaching the eyes by 50%.
  • For young babies, choose a fabric that will crumple easily when they put their head down for easy movement.
  • Peak caps do not offer enough protection for the cheeks, ears and neck and are therefore not recommended.
  • Consider the hats’ size and comfort- if it will obstruct vision or hearing and safety. If your toddler is constantly ripping off the hat out of frustration it’s not going to be offering much in the sun way of sun protection!
  • Chin straps on hats are good for more than just babies. They also are a great idea for older kids as they are so active, particularly useful in windy areas, like parks and beaches.
  • Machine washable. You want a hat that won’t go completely out of shape when washed. Let kids run amok and worry about the mess later.
  • A densely woven fabric that will effectively block those UV rays is a must.

The bottom line….

As parents we don’t want to simply release pretty products into the market that will clock up likes and shares on our Insta page. Although have we mentioned how cute the sun hats are yet?

Our products need to be useful for real life. Tried and tested. Baby and toddler approved. And personally we think we have nailed it with our new sun hat collection. With all the elements above factored in, combined with our beloved hand-illustrated designs we are immensely proud of the end result and cannot wait to start seeing these little wonders out and about – helping your little ones live life to the max!

Pro tip:

Persistence is needed to teach kids that a hat is part of their outside routine. Ensure your little ones hats are labelled and kept in an accessible place to make it easier to implement a ‘hat’s on, fun’s on’ routine which not only teaches an important life skill but makes your life easier in the long run!

Our sun hats are now available for pre-order for late October delivery - view the full range click here.

 Marmalade Lion Kids Sun Hats with adjustable head and adjustable chin strap in beautiful prints







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