School Holidays, like a boss

School Holidays, like a boss

If you’re anything like me, the mere mention of school holidays is enough to turn you into a twitchy, neurotic mess. All those days to fill. Of course we love our kids, but school holidays always manage to throw us into a bit of a tailspin because for two weeks were completely out of routine. And no matter how many have gone by, I’m still never as organised as I’d like to be… but I have learnt a thing or two. Allow me to share with you my wisdom:

Book all the playdates –

I cannot express this enough. Not only does your child get to play with a friend and expel some energy for a few hours (meaning they will sleep later) but YOU also get to play with a friend. Valuable adult conversation time. And if you don’t know the other parent well it’s a great way to get to know them especially if your children have bonded. It’s difficult to set aside time to do this during a busy term as often our weekends are overscheduled with sporting commitments, catching up on housework and maybe even the odd hang over.

Hit the local library –

The library never fails me. Especially if the weather is not too crash hot. First of all it is free and I have to say spending two weeks entertaining our children does sort of have that “2nd mortgage on house” vibe about it. Library is always there for me when I need it - kids get to play with toys, play educational computer games, attend group activities and even take some books home. Boom! Afternoon well spent.

Just do what you need to do –

A little while ago I read an article that suggested taking the children grocery shopping for something ‘entertaining to do’. Initially I did scoff at it, “but lady, it’s so boring! It’s so stressful!” but then I realised it’s all about my perception of it because I’m probably always trying to cram in a shop in between running another six different errands. Switch your mindset so it’s more of an educational adventure. Take your time so you’re not pressured. Get them involved, ask them to find things. Teach them about money. Hot tip: Yes you will probably have to buy them a treat, but don’t let them have it until they put all the shopping away!


Picnic at the park – A classic.

Best thing about this is it can be done any time during the day, no bookings required. This is a great way to get some fresh air and Vitamin D. Get your mates and some vino involved and you have a cracker of an afternoon on the cards. (And don’t forget your Marmalade Lion Super Mat!) Join your local Facebook groups – The more connected with your community you are, the more you can reap the endless offerings the community has to give! Once you start looking you will begin to realise there are endless school holiday programs, workshops, events and activities all geared towards kids that are often free or available at a small cost. Last term we did a cupcake decorating class at a local cafe which was a huge hit with the kids. And when all else fails - send them to their grandparents. ML x


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