August 05, 2019 1 min read

'Sustainable Design, Ethical Production'... they aren't the sexiest words for a blog post but boy are they important ! 

We've got a new website section on its way that shares our philosophy and our processes in this area but until then here is a snippet on our steps towards a sustainable future.

It starts with Design - everything is designed to be as functional and practical as possible. This means we create products that have a long-life, can be used over multiple children/ages and can be maintained easily.   

Product Lifecycle - this means we consider how the raw materials are processed to develop into the fabric or the coating, and then what happens to the product elements once its done and dusted. Like our packaging which is made from a non-woven that breaks down. There is a lot to consider, and like so much in life a lot of compromises too.

Shipping - How we love doing away with single-use plastic where ever we can! We do not use plastic or foam or polystyrene in our shipping and packaging. We use recycled cardboard for our boxes. The last piece in our plastic-free-shipping puzzle are the express post bags... we are nearly there! 

Marmalade Lion supports The Great Barrier Reef Foundation with $1 from every product in the Lady Elliot Island Collection going to the foundation



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