August 02, 2019 2 min read

Toot toot. Hurray, we’ve nearly made it through the night sleeping (ok, some nights). Next stop on the toddler train is toilet training. Whether you don’t mind the dirty nappies or you can’t wait to see the back of them, the one thing you can’t wrap up in a nappy is your mattress. Or can you? We’ve created our Expect-a-Spill sheets and bed pads to make your life easier...keeping your mattress is protected, your little one in quilted (sleeping!) comfort and your washing machine doing the hard work instead of your bank account.

 Marmalade Lion Expect-A-Spill Fitted Sheet in Cheeky Emu print     Marmalade Lion Expect-A-Spill Fitted Sheet in Lady Elliot Island print

Toilet training is stressful enough as it is, the last thing we want to be doing is stripping the bed every day and googling “how to get rid of pee smell” in the middle of the night as we frantically pour baking soda over stain and hope for the best. 

 Baking soda science


What we have learnt collectively as parents:

  1. Teaching our little ones to do their business in the potty or toilet takes time and patience.
  2. It’s not worth being stressed or rush toilet training. It’s amazing how quickly our little ones can ‘get it’ when we wait until they’re actually ready.
  3. Positive reinforcement works wonders by giving your child confidence and encourages independence.
  4. Putting down a waterproof mattress protector underneath a bed sheet is not convenient – you still have to strip the bed and wash 2 items every time!
  5. Most cheap waterproof sheets have that terrible crunching sound – like we need another reason for our kids to wake up in the middle night, no thanks!
  6. When you are half asleep changing bed sheets at 2am you need things to be E-A-S-Y.

 Christina Applegate

And I couldn’t write a toilet training blog without mentioning that it is a complete myth that it MUST be all under control by a certain age. I’ve seen mums complaining in online groups that their 2.5 year old is ‘regressing’ or their 3 year olds are not interested. Seriously we need to stop this. The child is ready when they are ready. Toilet training is like any other life skill our children need to learn like walking, speaking, writing etc. Every child is different, some will pick it up in a matter of days and others will refuse to park their bums on a toilet until they’re 4 or older. It’s not a race.

So let’s give our kids a break and let’s stop breaking OUR backs changing the kid’s sheets every night unnecessarily. But for those accidents (which are going to happen – soz!) our Expect- A –Spill sheets and bed pads have got your back!


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