Love is all around for our Wet-Wet-Wet Bag Program

Love is all around for our Wet-Wet-Wet Bag Program

Okay so we might be pushing it with that blog post title - but our Wet Bag program is very loveable! 

What is it?

Our Wet Bags are our way of helping reduce single-use plastic bag moments !

The Wet Bag program allows you get 25% off your wet bag and free shipping (!!!) by following a few small steps and getting a few friends on board. 

How does it work?

Find some buddies buddies from your kinder/centre/school who would also love a Marmalade Lion Wet Bag. Get in touch with us and we will make a special discount code just for you. Easy!  We even have a poster to put up at your kinder/centre/school to spread the word.

1. Email us at We will provide a code that you can use at checkout to buy your wet bag.

2. Enter your school/centre’s address as the shipping address

3. Collect your bag from your school/centre. 

4. The shipping costs will be refunded to you once we have received 2 or more bag wet bag orders using your centre’s unique discount code. 

If you get 10 or more Wet Bags sent to your kinder as part of this offer we will donate an Expect-A-Spill Back Pack to your centre to be used for fundraising or however you like!


-To qualify for free shipping we require a minimum of 2 bags purchased per school / centre.
- Shipping costs will be refunded individually once we receive 2 orders.  
- Orders must be made within a 2 week purchase period (approximately).
- The purchase period starts with the first order. If by the end of the 2-week period we have not received 2 or more orders, we will contact each individual to see if they would like to pay postage and still receive the 25% discount.
- If not, we will refund their money directly.


1 thought on “Love is all around for our Wet-Wet-Wet Bag Program


Hi guys I love this initiative! And I know the mums at our daycare, indigo daycare at Forresters beach on the central coast, will love it too!

Would love a code to put up at the daycare!

Thanks for all you do!

July 29, 2019 at 15:17pm

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