November 23, 2020 2 min read

We’re so excited to finally share the launch of our newest design to add to Marmalade Lion’s collection - Power of Positivity! With a boom, pow and POP, this go-getting collection is here to empower and add a bit of extra sparkle and love to your family’s day!

It’s been a doozy of a year, and at Marmalade Lion, we feel now is the time to teach all kids, big and small the importance of feeling good about yourself, of dreaming big and embracing the ever-changing nature of what it is to be human. Our message is one of not just ambition, but that life is all about following your dreams, no matter how wild!

Resilience is a valuable life skill that has for many parents, carers, and grownups, and for our children, been tested this year while we all navigate paths untrodden for generations. Imagine if you and your little ones could remind each other daily the power of self-love and self-belief, and talk about it together, forming your very own cherished traditions? At Marmalade Lion, we believe there is a place for this dialogue in everyday life, forever!

The design concept was certainly a labour of love. It started with a trip to Japan for Alicia, our Founder and Creative Director, where she was inspired by its designs, and her love of Kawaii and pop art, going back to childhood. This sparked a desire to create a universal, timelessly cute design with meaningful messages that her girls and kids everywhere will enjoy.

Involving her girls in the creative process, Alicia says she wanted to do something positive, to allow families to develop their mindfulness together, “with little affirmations that you can re-read over and over-- for yourself as well.”

As part of this powerful pink colourway, we’ve come up with affirmations we feel resonate with young and old alike:

  • ‘Dream Up’
  • ‘Love’
  • ‘Sprinkle of Love’
  • ‘You Are Magic’, and
  • ‘You Are My Little Macaroni’ 

Using timeless themes of love and encouragement, and universal symbols of hope with a quirky twist, Power of Positivity is here to bring the good vibes and teach your kids the importance of feeling good about yourself, and to dream BIG!

Available in the following products:

  • Activity Mat + cover
  • Backpack
  • Bassinet Sheet
  • Bed Pad
  • Change Mat
  • Cot Sheet
  • Couch Cover
  • Hat
  • Long Sleeve Smock
  • Pram Liner + cover
  • Single Sheet
  • Sleeveless Smock
  • Splat Mat
  • Super Activity Mat + cover 

It’s all about the Power of Positivity - if we can dream it, we can do it!

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