June 07, 2019 2 min read

The wise ladies in the Mum's Grapevine Baby Group members have spoken and here are their favourite recommendations for Play Mats / Activity Mats - featuring Marmalade Lion of course!

Check out what they had to say...

Marmalade Lion Activity Play Mats (from $164): Spills are no match for these clever play mats by Marmalade Lion. The Expect A Spill™ technology means mats can be wiped and washed as often as needed (hurrah!). And the best bit? The play mats stay looking fresh and fabulous wash after wash. With seven different designs to choose from, there’s a play mat for every poppet.

“From Marmalade Lion. It’s memory foam so super comfy, and also waterproof for nappy free time! Can get different prints that are cute as. This one is huge (1.5m diameter) and great for me to have a sneaky nap when on the floor with bub.” – Li C

“We love ours from Marmalade Lion! It packs into a sack the size of a sleeping bag for easy park transportation, and the cover comes off for easy machine washing and quick drying.” – Bon B

“Marmalade Lion! The best thing I bought.. padded, waterproof and such cute patterns! Also packs away into a carry bag! We take it with us when we go to the park or to friends and she just kicks around on it!” – Shelly C "

 What did they base their judgement on? 

"Here are some key features to consider when buying a play mat:

Cushioning: Play mats are just that – a mat for baby to play the day away. To ensure little ones are comfortable investigating their new terrain, look for a play mat that has ample cushioning for their tiny limbs and delicate skin.

Durability: Just like the carpet, floorboards and rugs, play mats are prone to a lot of wear and tear over the years. Pick a play mat that is sturdy enough to withstand the crawling, toddling and stamping of twinkle toes big and small.

Washability: Despite being made for play, anything made for baby is sure to encounter vegemite smears and cracker crumbs in its lifespan. Having a mat that washes well means it can be back on the floor (protecting the real floor underneath) in a jiffy.

Waterproof: A waterproof play ensures playtime is fun and easy for everyone involved – A must for any mum wanting to use their play mat for nappy-free time with a wriggling water fountain.

Size: Think about where the play mat will ‘live’ when choosing the size. If in an open space like the living room, there’s a bit of wriggle room for larger mats. But if babe’s play mat is destined for the nursery, think about the other furniture as well as toys and day-to-day baby mess before getting something too big for the room."

Read it all here 

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