Eco Multi Tasking at it's best

Eco Multi Tasking at it's best

                               Eco multitasking at its best!



Functional, economical, sustainable & gorgeous – that’s how you’ve described our wet bags and we tend to agree!

How many plastic bags do we need to go through for the sake of convenience? I can barely even stop to think about what humans have done to the environment as it hurts my heart, so instead of dwelling on what I can’t control I try to make small changes where I can and I know so many of you out there are feeling the same. Minimising single use plastic is one of those things that isn’t necessarily hard, it just requires a re-think. A slight change in the routine.

Hands up who use to (or still!) forget their reusable shopping bags! (Guilty!)

But now? A few months in and surprise surprise the world has not caved in, we have not entered in to the ghastly dystopian future we once feared. Really makes you wonder what everyone was complaining about in the first place. People are hesitant to change but once that initial 2 weeks is over and voila! The habit is formed.

I used to justify all the bags I took home from the supermarket by using them again for the kids wet clothes or soiled nappies. In hindsight I was just making the best out of a bad situation. But the guilt was lingering in the foggy nether regions of my baby brain…Good lord, is there no end to the mummy guilt?!

Ok back to the Wet Bags.

Marmalade Lion Wet Bags are waterproof, wipeable and machine washable. So you can use them again and again, no need to toss these beauties in the garbage – ever!

A draw cord and toggle closure keeps things quarantined and secure. Available in our 6 signature prints you can now add a little bit of practical whimsy and style to your everyday activities.

Because every reason why is a big yes!


They are perfect for storing wet clothes from Childcare/Pre-school or swimming. And quarantining those soiled nappies or clothes during toilet training time. These babies are also handy for storing spare nappies or even rubbish when you are on the go. Multitasking at its best. Just throw the bag in the wash when you get home. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Oh and I’ll leave you with one last totally cute thing, two words: MATCHING BACKPACKS (Dazzling pre-school educators since February 2019!)


 ML x


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