April 22, 2021 4 min read

Let’s get fresh – Best indoor plants for kid’s bedrooms

Introducing indoor plants into your family home is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. Not only do they give the home a fresh décor boost but you and the fam-bam will be breathing in cleaner air. In fact, indoor plants will even help your kids (and you) sleep better. Winning.

Dry indoor air is blamed for a host of ailments like respiratory problems, sore throats, colds, and dry skin. Indoor plants help to maintain, and in some cases increase, humidity levels by emitting water vapour. Plants also produce negative ions, similar to many fancy (and expensive) air-purifying machines. The negative ions attach themselves to, and effectively remove, any particles in the air such as dust, mould spores, bacteria, and allergens. So it’s easy to see why placing a plant or two in our children’s bedrooms is becoming more and more popular.

So now that you are convinced, where to start? There are literally hundreds of indoor plants to choose from but when we’re talking about our kiddie’s bedroom it pays to be selective.

There are a few plants that are known to be toxic or can cause allergic reactions. Some pets and children may attempt to eat plants so always be sure to check the labels. Here is a rundown of our favourite Top 10 indoor plants that are safe for children’s bedrooms:



One of the easiest indoor plants to maintain, the Spider Plant produces oxygen whilst purifying the air by absorbing nasties like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene. Additionally, Spider Plants are in fact edible, making them safe for pets and young children. Oh, and it’s virtually impossible to kill – bonus!




Safe for kids and pets, Christmas Cactus is a popular choice of house plant. As part of the cactus family, it isn’t high maintenance at all. Best bit? Your winter will become a little bit brighter with its bold magenta blooms.   


This one is safe for your kids, but may be toxic your pets, so keep it up high! Super popular with interior designers for it’s lush waxy leaves, Rubber plants can be found in many modern homes. I love Rubber plants in my kid's living space as it's a natural air purifier, too!

It loves sunlight and needs a bit of attention, but look after it well and you will be rewarded.





Perfect for hanging pots, these delicate little leaves prefer shade and moderate moisture. Try also growing it in a terrarium, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!




The king of air purifiers! This is another hardy plant which is safe for kids, but not so safe for pets, so be careful of placement. This plant is perfect for those thumbs aren’t exactly green, and if your space gets hot or is dark. You can basically forget it exists and it will still thrive.


Most of us are familiar with this resilient fern. Safe for both kids and pets, it graces many a home. Our ferny friend needs cool, humid places with indirect sunlight, and it’s perfect for the lonely corners of your home. 


Vivid green, tropical vibes is what this plant is all about. Parlour Palm is non-toxic for both your kids and your pets. This slow growing palm is perfect for indoors, as it loves low-light and doesn’t need too much watering.


This plant is safe for kids, but may be toxic to your pets. Easy to care for and easy to harvest. Why not snap some off, stick it in soil and watch it grow over the next few weeks? The kids will love it. It prefers warm, dry conditions, so you won’t need to water too often.


One of the easiest houseplants that even a child can grow. Pop them in any glass jar or vase and watch them grow. Remember, the water should cover the roots. And according to Feng Shui, Lucky Bamboo is said to bring good fortune and good health. Sold! 





Easy to care for and even easier to propagate, hens and chick succulents are cute décor additions for bright, light bedrooms. The water stored in the plant may also help relieve skin irritation, providing a non-toxic substitute for Aloe Vera.


And there you have it, it’s time to hightail it to your local nursery and make some life-changing (but mostly inexpensive) decisions. We hope our suggestions will help to create a soothing and pure space for your children and be sure to let us know if you have made any new green additions in the comments!

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