November 06, 2019 3 min read

Confused about what you need to buy for the arrival of your baby? Or are you lovingly embracing every little detail? Strangely I think all mums experience a mix of the two. It can be overwhelming and thrilling all at once. 

No matter how you fair on the maternal enthusiasm Richter scale, it's always a good idea to start planning what you need to buy for your baby early, so that you can purchase all the major items well before the birth. Remember these babies don’t always stick to the plan! It’s also worth noting that if you want an item (such as a pram) in a specific model or colour, it may need to be ordered in to store which can take many weeks.

Here’s our recommendation for the things you definitely need:

  • Cot (plus mattress, sheets and blankets)
  • Car seat
  • Pram/stroller
  • Four sleepsuits/sleeping bags (check TOG numbers to ensure they are appropriate to the season’s temperature)
  • Six short sleeved bodysuits/onesies
  • Six full length bodysuits/onesies
  • All the singlets
  • Two cardigans/ jumpers
  • Hat, mittens and booties
  • Change table and mat
  • Nappies & wipes
  • At least a few nursing bras and ALL the breast pads
  • Bottles/teats/bottle brush
  • Loads of bibs
  • Plenty of towels/ flannels/ muslin squares (for bathing, dribbles and spit ups!)

Marmalade Lion's Bassinet Sheet is super soft and uses our Expect-A-Spill technology to protect your mattress

Now that we have covered the absolute essentials, here’s some other stuff you will want to consider:

Adds up doesn’t it? And this is just a start. There are endless weird and wonderful baby products on the market that I swear are simply designed to overwhelm new mums (I’m looking at you baby wipe warmers). Our advice is to stick to your list and choose quality over price for some of the larger purchases such as car seat and pram. Safety and comfort of bubs is crucial, and these sort of products see a lot of wear and tear as they are used so often.

But there are ways to avoid completely blowing the budget. Embrace the good old hand-me-downs! If you’re lucky enough to have friends or family who already have children you will hopefully have access to many years of hand me down clothes, baby carriers, sleepsuits and whatever your mates’ bubs have grown out of at the time. I must admit when I was pregnant with my first, I only wanted brand new for my bub because didn’t she deserve only the best? It was official. I was a hand-me-down snob.

A few months in and my new mantra was BRING. IT. ON.

Once the reality of parenting had set in (once I counted 12 outfit changes in one day – thanks a lotgastro-oesophageal reflux), all the sweet insta-worthy visions of bub life went flying out the window. All I cared about was that there was a clean onesie within arm’s reach at change time.

Not only will you save money but giving products a second life is the best thing we can do for sustainability. Sure all those Bonds zippies are cute but your mini-me will outgrow them in a few months. So it might pay to look for second hand options or at least pass down your sweet outlet - finds to friends. Definitely something to think about!

Marmalade Lion have always adopted the policy of ‘buy quality, buy once’ and every product we design and manufacture is made to last. We specifically choose and test our fabric to stand all that washing for years and years. So please do share the love and hand our goodies down to your loved ones when you’re finished with them! Because after all, it takes a village and receiving a quality hand me down is something to be treasured. It is the equivalent of getting a big reassuring hug from a Mama who’s been through it all, and guess what - one day that Mama will be you.

 ML x

Marmalade Lion Play Mats come with a washable & removeable outer cover and a memory foam inner for ultimate comfort



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