Activity Play Mats A Must-Have for Smart Parents – And Where to Find Durable Ones

Activity Play Mats A Must-Have for Smart Parents – And Where to Find Durable Ones

Gone are the days of wrestling with a squirmy baby on a scratchy blanket. Today's parents have a secret weapon – the Marmalade Lion activity play mat. 


They are colourful, thickly cushioned spreads – a mini-playground for your little ones. Play mats can keep your children safe (and entertained!) from birth all the way up to kindergarten (and maybe even those early school years).

Think about it…For your newborn, a play mat is a comfy landing pad for all that tummy time – gotta build strong neck and back muscles! Plus, you can build-in entertainment for your with dangling toys and bright patterns for tiny fists to bat at. As your little explorer starts rolling and crawling, the play mat becomes their safe zone. It's a clean, padded surface for all those inevitable bumps. Because, let's be honest, there will be bumps! 

And some mats (not all) even have fun features like crinkly textures and peek-a-boo flaps to keep little minds busy. 

But the fun doesn't stop there! Toddlers can use their play mat for anything. To imagine a bustling city for their toy cars, a magical tea party for their stuffed animal pals. Parents can settle their toddlers down to read on their mats. There are even themed mats that sneak in some learning with letters, numbers, and shapes woven right in. 

And here’s how playmats become the real heroes of playtime parents! Play mats keep toys contained (no more toy explosions!). And those cushions are a lifesaver for your knees during those epic playtime sessions.

The coolest part? Play mats are great for every stage of your child’s growth!

Waterproof for messy eaters? Check. Double-sided for double the fun? Absolutely! Tons of themes to spark your kiddo's imagination? You got it! But don't just grab any old mat. Do a quick online search or chat with a fellow parent – find the play mat that best suits your little one's age and interests. Most importantly, one that will last you at least a good 6 years – maybe more. 

With the right mat and a little know-how, playtime becomes an awesome educational adventure for your child. But we know every parent needs a little helping hand. At Marmalade Lion, we do everything possible to help other parents – like ourselves – make informed choices.  So, here’s a breakdown on how to make optimal use of this versatile tool. 

With play mats – and absolutely anything to do with kids – it's magic waiting to happen!

05 Ways to Maximise Use of Play Mats From Birth to First Grade – and Beyond!

Forget those sad, thin blankets – parents, we've graduated! The acitivity play mat isn't just a glorified rug. It’s a sturdy, long lasting, best friend to Mums and Dads everywhere. With a little creativity, you can find its full potential! 

Here's how to make your play mat a parenting Swiss Army Knife, from those first wobbly moments to those energetic pre-school years: 

More Productive Tummy Time

An activity mat provides a comfortable and safe space for tummy time, crucial for strengthening neck and back muscles.  The padding cushions bumps and tumbles, while bright colours and simple patterns keep your little one visually engaged. Most importantly, you don’t need to be nervous about baby’s tummy time anymore! 

So, let go (but stay close) and let your baby explore and get stronger.

Sensory Exploration for The Developing Mind

The textures on a play mat can be a source of fascination for babies. Crinkly materials provide auditory stimulation, while different fabric textures offer tactile exploration. Some mats may even have mirrors, which are captivating for babies as they meet their own reflection.

Clean, Safe, and Tidy Playtime

A play mat defines a clean and safe play area for your little one. They can roll around freely, explore their toys, and practice reaching and grasping skills. It also keeps toys contained, minimising the dreaded "toy explosion" that parents know all too well.

Changing Station on the Go

Baby activity mats are often lightweight and portable. This makes them a convenient changing station for diaper changes on the go. Simply unfold the mat on a clean surface and you have a hygienic spot for your baby. Anywhere! 

A Forever Friend

Activity mats aren’t meant for just one child. They are a versatile (and often durable) tool that can be passed down to your next child. Apart from the obvious plus of saving money, it bonds the family. Having something common from your children’s childhoods brings them together in a mysterious, yet magical, way.

So, there you have it! A play mat can be a constant source of fun, learning, and exploration for your child, from their first wobbly moments to those pre-school zoomies. With a little imagination and these tips, you can transform a simple square into multifunctional tool. It’s a safe space to create memories that will last a lifetime.  Now get out there, explore a couple of play mats, and get ready for playtime magic!

Marmalade Lion’s Activity Mats: The Only Play Mat You’ll Ever Need

Get ready to upgrade your playtime game, parents, because the Marmalade Lion’s Activity Mats aren’t messing around! These beauties are a little slice of fun and functionality rolled into one awesome package. 

Here’s why it's making waves in the parenting world:

More Versatile Than You Think

This isn't just a mat for babies, it's a playtime companion that grows with your kiddo. We're talking tummy time for newborns, sensory exploration for crawlers, and a safe playzone for toddlers and preschoolers. Forget buying multiple mats for each stage - this one's got you covered. And here's the kicker… it's designed for BOTH indoor and outdoor use! Picnics in the park, backyard adventures, messy snack times on the patio – our mat can handle it all.

Comfort Meets Safety

Babies have delicate skin and toddlers take plenty of tumbles. The Marmalade Lion play mat was crafted with this in mind. It uses a thick, padded layer of memory foam that cushions even the wiggliest of babies and absorbs those inevitable toddler spills and crashes. Plus, it has a non-slip backing! So, all that wiggling and scooting won't turn into an impromptu slip-n-slide session. 

Super Hygienic (Bye-Bye, Germs!)

Let's be honest, babies put everything in their mouths, and let's not shy away from those messy snack explosions. The good news? Our mats have removable, machine-washable covers! Spills, drool, and snack stains are no match for the power of your washing machine. You can hit the ‘refresh’ button after every playtime. This means there’s a clean and hygienic space for your little one, always.

Goodbye, Boring!

These aren’t some bland, single-coloured mat. Marmalade Lion Activity Mats come with gorgeous handmade prints and natural colours. A gentle stimulation for your little one's visual development. The designs are adorned with faces of adorable woodland creatures, lush landscapes, and a whole lot of fun. Marmalade Lion has a ton of other stunning prints to choose from. So, you can swap covers whenever you need a change or want to suit the mood of playtime.

Special Features That Seal the Deal


Sustainable Forget flimsy mats that wear out fast. Our gorgeous play mats are built to last and can even be used for multiple children, making it worth the investment.

Portable They all come with a handy carry bag, so you can roll it up and take it on the go - playdates, grandparents' house, or even just to a different room for a change of scenery!

The Extras Matter Marmalade Lion knows parents need a break too.  That's why our mats are big enough to be a comfy bathtime helper – throw a towel down and you have a padded, safe space to dry off your little one. It's the little things that make a big difference!

So, the bottom line is, Activity Mats aren’t just a place for your kiddo to roll around. It's an investment in their development, their comfort, and (let's be real) your sanity as a parent. 

It's a win-win-win!


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