December 21, 2020 2 min read

Yet to wrap your Christmas gifts? The tree still looking a bit bare? Kids need an activity to help keep them busy? We've got you covered with Salt Dough decorations!

Our good friend Georgie Hannan has teamed with us to bring you a series of natural, low-tox and handy DIYs you can enjoy at home, with little to no additional spending required!

Here, Georgie shares an oh-so-simple recipe and effective way to jazz up your Christmas look, naturally and sustainably with salt dough!

It's also a fun activity for the festive season– keep the kids occupied in that hectic lead-up to the big day. 

Here, Georgie shares her recipe for SALT DOUGH DECORATIONS:




One batch makes approx 50 small tags or ornaments

4 cups plain flour 

1 cup pink salt

1 1/2 cups warm water

Some twine



Pre-heat oven to 120-140C (very slow)

Mix everything together in a big bowl

Roll to approx ½ cm thickness

Cut into shapes with cutters– stars, hearts and gingerbread people look especially festive!

Pierce holes in the centre– a metal straw or end of a paint brush works well to allow twine to thread through.

Bake on tray with baking paper for 1 hour, till they turn hard.

Leave to cool, then thread with twine and loop.


You can use your salt dough decorations as a lovely gift embellishment– it looks fabulous with rosemary wrapped around natural paper for an eco-friendly look! Or, get busy decorating your Christmas tree for a beautiful, neutral and reusable tree trimming option.


Get the kids to collect some flowers, herbs, or leaves from the garden to add to your gifting decorations!


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Be sure to tag us and show us your creations!

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