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Life in 2018 is complicated. We live in a world of iphones, superfoods, BPA, GMO, SLS. BRB…my head hurts.

The list goes on and on. Literally. It never ends. Sometimes in the midst of the chaos I close my eyes and fantasise about living the simple life on a farm growing our own vegetables, where the eggs come from our own chickens. Where the kids are running free in the fresh air while mum and dad sit on the back porch sipping on tea, breathing in the view of the landscape as the sun sets on the horizon…



…Oh, hello reality.

As much as I love indulging my River Cottage fantasy, it just isn’t feasible right now.

 And that’s ok.

But I do try to make simple choices to un-complicate and un-clutter our lives.

I’m just trying to keep it real and get back to basics.

I’m talking about eating real food. Nothing wrong with the old meat and 3 Veg dinner. I’m talking about playing in the dirt. Or buying a $3 pack of chalk and playing hopscotch in the driveway. That woolly cardigan your Great Aunt knitted. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. Cleaning the dishwasher with bicarb and vinegar. Clever hack? Or is it just what our grandmothers did 50 years ago?

And when it comes to buying products for our home why should it be any different? This is the mindset we’re in at Marmalade Lion HQ, and we’re particularly excited about our new wool range because hey, wool is the best and it has stood the test of time.  



Wool is a soft, resilient, natural fibre with anti-bacterial properties and great for children with allergies. This is not the itchy wool you remember from the 80’s.  (Disclaimer: it’s so soft if you laid on it yourself you just might fall asleep and start dreaming about Paul West).

Wool fibre is also a natural insulator, keeping your little one cool in summer and warm in the cooler months as well as being extremely gentle on their sensitive skin. Teamed with the Marmlade Lion signature internals and trademark features



All. The. Boxes. Ticked.




So whilst I may not be the perfect mum, there are just some choices that are easy and don’t require a mild anxiety attack in order to decide. Let’s simplify our lives and go back to what we know works. Trust your intuition mamas!



Do you have any suggestions on getting back to basics? We’d love to hear from you.

Leve a comment below.








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