April 22, 2018 2 min read

Marmalade Lion Baby Bath Time Blog


Bath time for you and bubba can be one of the most enjoyable experiences and a beautiful bonding time.

Sometimes in reality though, it’s not always that relaxing….!


Trying to juggle a wriggly slippery little newborn whilst washing them with one hand and making sure they are fully supported – well let’s just say that having four arms would be great sometimes!


We can’t assist you with the actual washing part, but alas! We do have a great solution once you have finished with the bathing and bubs is ready for a dry off.


Having somewhere comfortable and safe to lay them down while you dry them (and yourself!) is essential. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones to have a baby who finds the warm water relaxing and therefore are now super chilled and nicely settled.


The Marmalade Lion Activity Mat is also the perfect post-bath mat. Just pop it on the floor with a towel on top before you begin bathing, and then bubs can go straight from the bath onto the mat ready for a warm cosy dry-off.

 Marmalade Lion Activity Mat for babies bathtime


The luxurious yet durable cotton sateen finish on our mat is perfect for soft wet skin, so you can place your baby directly onto the mat without worrying about scrapes or rashes. The mat has a non-slip waterproof base so it will stay put no matter how much bubs wiggles and squiggles! Being waterproof also means that you don’t have to worry about it soaking up the spills and splashes from the bath and bubs will conveniently remain dry and warm.

 Marmalade Lion Activity Mat baby shower time


The Marmalade Lion Activity Mat is filled with a thick waterproof, super soft memory foam insert, so you can be sure that bubba will be nice and comfortable lying there while you empty the bath, clean up and maybe even have a wash yourself.


Once you are all done you can then pop the mat back into the lounge room / bedroom or wherever you prefer. Or, you can strip off the removable cover, pop that in the wash and then it’s fresh and ready again for the next day.


Marmalade Lion Acticity Mat post baby bath time






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