Expect A Spill Sheets

Expect A Spill Sheets


Throughout a child’s early years, one of the things we will all be confronted with is cleaning up spills…… everywhere! Whether it’s changing nappies, wiping up little accidents, or overnight escapes, it is absolutely guaranteed to happen to every parent.

Initially we can generally rely on nappies to keep your newborn dry most of the time, but the reality is there is always the chance of a small leak during a long day sleep or night time feed.

Bedwetting is an extremely common event as your child moves out of nappies and into toilet training. At 4 years of age nearly 1 in 3 children still wet the bed and that still remains at one in 20 by age 10.

It can be a challenging situation that can be a great source of apprehension for parents.


FACT! All children develop at different rates and generally the best cure for bedwetting is time.


In the mean time we get to deal with wet bums, wet sheets, wet mattress, interrupted sleeps and grumpy bums until your babe grows out of this stage in their own time.


FACT! They are only little for so long. (When the tables have turned let’s hope they will do the same for us! haha 😊 )


It is not the easiest job to try and dry out a mattress after an overnight accident. The best solution is actually to try and prevent the spill from reaching the mattress, therefore, saving you many hours (generally in the middle of the night!) of cleaning.

One of the best ways to protect your mattress from these leakages it to add a mattress protector.

 These can help prevent the liquid soaking through to your mattress, but the mattress protector and fitted sheet will still remain soaked through, leaving your child with a not so cosy sleep in wetness!

Bedwetting sheets are also a solution. Generally made from either rubber or plastic they do have the downside of being quite noisy and crinkly and uncomfortable, and are therefore not the best option for light sleepers.


Having spent many years in the textiles industry, the Marmalade Lion founder Alicia, after becoming a mother, decided to design a product that would accommodate this situation and make it an easier process to handle (the toilet training one!)  by creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Our new Bassinet and Cot Sheets are designed for babies and toddlers, and combine a beautiful quality fitted sheet, mattress protector and a water repellent barrier in one product.

 As a result you can sleep better knowing that if the nappy leaks during a particularly wet sleep, the water-resistant layer will hold the liquid from initially soaking through and the built-in mattress protector will serve as extra protection for your mattress.



When your child moves to the thrilling big kids bed, they may be in the process of toilet training and it is great to have the extra security of our Single Bed ‘Expect A Spill’ Sheets, especially when facing the daunting task of having to spot clean a thick layered mattress!

Another wonderful feature about these sheets is that they are available in our exclusive hand illustrated prints, so you can choose a design that suits your babes personality and bedroom décor!   




NOTE: We referred to the Raising Children website for more ideas for helping your child get through the bedwetting stage. Click here for more.




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