Not that we don’t like Elsa…

Not that we don’t like Elsa…



…But we love our beloved hand illustrations more!


We are so pleased to announce that the Expect –A-Spill backpacks are now available and ready for adventures with your little babes.


We know our customers appreciate products that look pretty but also function well, after all we are too busy to be dealing with products that don’t do what we need them to (plus I think we’ve all had enough of the Frozen merch – there I said it!)


Made in our beautifully soft but durable fabrics these beauties are also practical. Featuring an inbuilt lunch box and water cooler side pocket so you can take this bag everywhere!



One of my favourite things about these bags is that they are the perfect size. A lot of pre-school aged backpacks are so tiny that once you stuff a jumper and lunchbox in they are overflowing. Then we have the bigger kids backpacks that make us quietly laugh behind our hands because they look ridiculous (but super cute) hanging off their tiny shoulders.


Enter ergonomic padded shoulder straps!


Expect-a-Spill backpacks are designed for little ones in mind, so not only are they super comfy to wear but a great size you can fit everything you need for your daily adventure whether it’s a sleepover at Nana’s house or a part of your kindergarten routine.



We are mums so we know first-hand with children comes mess! Expect-A-Spill Backpacks are easy to wipe clean inside and out. No mucking around.

A couple years ago I wouldn’t leave the house without a few plastic bags shoved in my handbag because I just knew we would end up with a t-shirt doused in babychino or a last minute nappy change in the carpark (#mumlife). Not to mention the countless plastic bags my little ones have come home with in their Childcare bags because their clothes got wet.  We’ve designed a detachable, reusable wet bag that comes with the back pack to ensure an easy and environmentally sound approach to storing dirty or wet clothes, shoes, bathers etc. Making it also the perfect swimming/ beach bag as well. Our Childcare educators are so on board with this and have even requested more for the class room. On your bike, plastic bags!


Let’s break this down:


  • Elastic side pockets, one being insulated to keep drinks cool
  • Insulated front pocket, ideal for keeping snacks cool
  • Large internal pocket
  • Water Resistant
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Carry and storage handle
  • Easy to care for fabric
  • Comes with additional wet bag

Our Expect-A-Spill Back Packs are available now in all 6 signature Marmalade Lion Designs. Stock has just arrived and pre sale has gone out today so we recommend getting your orders in so your babes don’t miss out!


ML x     


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