DIY Dishwasher Tablets - Low-tox, low-waste & super-easy!

DIY Dishwasher Tablets - Low-tox, low-waste & super-easy!

Our good friend Georgie Hannan @georgie_kissinglife is back again for the first DIY video of 2021! In this one, she shows us how we can make a simple, cheap DIY swap to keep our dishes free of chemicals. Check out our feed for the Reel!


This is a simple four-ingredient recipe for making your own dishwashing tablets.

NO nasties in this recipe 

CHILD-friendly helping activity 


YOU need:

1 cup baking powder 

1/4 cup citric acid

1 tbsp cleaning concentrate (or you could use natural detergent)

Mould tray or ice block tray 

5 drops pure lemon essential oil


MIX together in a bowl

Spoon into moulds

Press down on the moulds for a few minutes to keep the pods flat. The mixture will pop up because of the baking powder.  

TIP: once you have mixed your ingredients, pop in mould straight away and don’t wait for the mixture to start to dry out.

Extra TIP: If you want to make toilet cleaning pods, use this recipe but try adding eucalyptus oil for extra germ-killing!

LEAVE for 4 hours or overnight until hard

STORE in an airtight reusable jar 


Recipe credit: @leia.blissfullife

Who is ready to get cracking in some new year low waste, natural & sustainable habits? Let us know below.


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