Our new exciting products!

Our new exciting products!

Our fabulous creative director Alicia has been hard at work coming up with some new products and prints to add to the ever expanding Marmalade Lion range. All of our new products generally start with a moment of 'I wish I had (..). That would make my life so much easier!' as Alicia is running around after her two children.

And so, our new products were born!

Eating time is always a challenge with young babies and toddlers. Lunch tends to end up anywhere and everywhere other than in the mouth, and therefore half of your time is actually spent cleaning up rather then feeding.

This month we introduced two new products to help make this process easier - the Food Smock and the Splat Mat.

Both items are made using the ExpectASpill technology which combines a soft cotton base with a waterproof outer to allow you to wipe spills and messes straight off without hassle, without staining, and without constant changes.

The Food Smock comes in two styles - Sleeveless for 1-3 year olds, and a long sleeved full cover version for 0-18 months. They both feature a soft cotton inner with the waterproof wipeable and machine washable outer, a collar cover to keep all spills out, and a food pouch at the bottom to catch the big spills. They are available in all of our 5 signature prints including the popular new design Blue Mountains.

Marmalade Lion Food Smock Sleeveless

Marmalade Lion Food Smocks Long Sleeved



If the big spills manage to get past the food pouch in the Smock, we also have your floor covered! Our new Splat Mats are made from the same ExpectASpill technology, meaning that they are very easy to wipe clean after each meal. Measuring a full metre by a metre, these large sized mats will keep your flooring or carpet free from food splatters, making the cleanup such a breeze. If giving them a quick wipe isn't quite enough, they are completely machine washable and fast drying. These also come in all of our 5 signature prints so you can matchy-match with your Smock.

The Splat Mats fold up and come in a reusable fabric bag for easy storage.


Marmalade Lion Splat Mat









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