Snuggle your Baby after Bath Time with Soft and Comfy Baby Bath Robes

Snuggle your Baby after Bath Time with Soft and Comfy Baby Bath Robes

Marmalade Lion’s cozy, comfortable, and super-absorbent baby bath robes are the perfect companion to keep your baby clean and warm after a bath, swim, or mischievous water fights. 

Babies and toddlers love themselves a little splish splash in the bathtub or pool. Enjoying their baths and playtime in water are absolutely essential for your little one. 

When they are of the right age, under uninterrupted adult supervision and advice from your family paediatrician, babies and toddlers must learn their way around water. 

The sensation of the water’s buoyancy against their bodies, and learning their way around water are crucial for the healthy development of the brain and body. 

At the same time, too much water time is unhealthy for a growing body. Babies are not yet fully capable of handling the chill from the abrupt change in temperature once they are out of the water. 

When this happens, parents need to keep a thick, comfy baby bathrobe at hand to instantly catch their little one in a warm bundle.

The Importance of Playing in Water and Staying Warm and Dry Afterwards 

Playtime in water has plenty of seen and unseen benefits for your child. Learning to handle themselves in the water early on has benefits that will be felt throughout their lives. Keeping an eye on your kids as they play in pools, or even your bathtub, is non-negotiable to prevent harm and accidents.

Hygiene and Stress-relief

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons children should love their time in water is for good hygiene. They must learn to enjoy the fresh feeling of being clean after a bath. This will teach them to associate hygiene with relaxation. Water is a stress reliever for kids too, as much as it is for adults. 

Sensory and Cognitive Development 

The unique sensory experience of water, compared to solid objects, adds to the growth of their cognitive skills. They learn to navigate the two mediums, their behaviours, and their limitations. Early learning and exploration play a key role in your child’s education and development well into adulthood. 

Exercise and Life Skills 

Playing in water is great exercise! The water’s drag on little one’s arms and legs provides them with the perfect physical activity. It improves their flexibility and fosters healthy muscle formation, all without putting pressure on their delicate joints. Learning to navigate water is an essential life skill. And learning to swim is a must for their health and safety in later years. 

It’s important to get your child warm and dried up as soon as they’re out of the water! 

Wet skin cools down rapidly, increasing the risk of hypothermia, especially when the weather is cold. Wrapping them up in a soft, hygienic, and fast-soaking fabric robe like Marmalade Lion’s cotton all-purpose robe.

Staying wet for too long could cause skin irritation on your child’s delicate skin. More so, if the water contains chlorine, like in pools. Using a bathrobe that’s gentle on their skin helps.  

Additionally, wet skin is more susceptible to infections, especially if your child has any cuts or rashes from playtime fall. 

Drying off as soon as possible is a must to avoid discomfort for your baby. 

It maintains good hygiene and reduces the risk of slipping and falling. 

What’s the Best Baby Bathrobe to Buy?

When selecting a baby bathrobe, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure your little one's comfort and safety. 

A great bathrobe for kids should:

Be Super Absorbent

First, choose a soft and absorbent material, like cotton or bamboo, that is gentle on the baby's sensitive skin and effective at drying them quickly. 

Right Size with a Snug Fit

The robe should be the right size, fitting snugly but comfortably, without being too tight or too loose. 

Stay On Easy

Additionally, look for a robe with secure fastenings, like snaps or ties, that stay in place but are easy to open for quick changes. 

Clean Easy and Dry Fast

It's also important to choose a robe that is easy to wash and maintain, as baby clothes require frequent cleaning. Ideally, a baby bathrobe should dry quickly even in cold, damp weather. 

Be Safe and Beautiful 

Finally, opt for a design with minimal tags and bits sewn on to avoid any choking hazards and ensure the robe is comfortable for the baby to wear. Sometimes, a delightful hand-printed design could be all the colour you need on it!

Let your baby enjoy their time with splashes and fun – and keep a warm and soothing Marmalade Lion baby bathrobe handy to bundle them up cozily afterwards. It keeps your little one safe, comfortable, and protected! 


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