There will be spills!

November 01, 2017 3 min read

One of the things that you will more than likely have communicated to you by helpful friends, mums and others, is to make sure that your home is spotless to ensure that bubs is in a germ free and hygienic environment.

That’s all very well pre-birth whilst sitting on  our lily pads, as getting your home spick-and-span is instinctual and happens in the lead-up to giving birth.

What about after your new bundle of joy has set up shop in their new home and you are struggling to figure out your new and drastically different-than-planned daily routine? 

Kids get sick. There is no avoiding it!!

It takes time for a new baby to build up an immune system, so naturally they are very sensitive to germs as they fight to build up their antibodies to protect themselves. Basic hygiene in the home is super important.

Good news! There is some very easy things that you can do to ensure you are giving your baby the best chance to stay healthy.

Of course, washing your own hands top of the list! It's simple and extremely important. Habitually washing your hands (AND moisturising with olive oil or coconut oil to avoid sand paper hands ) after changing a nappy, handling any rubbish or any raw food, and before feeding is an easy way to ensure that nasty germs don’t get the chance to fester.

Baby toys often get overlooked during the cleaning process. They will definitely end up in bub's mouth over and over again, so it is a great idea to get in the habit of regularly wiping down or washing their plastic toys in the sink (or even a quick spray with white vinegar as it is a natural anti bacterial substance and cheap!), and whipping the soft toys through the washing machine.

All babe's make lots of mess!

Instagram is lying to you when it bombards you with pictures of a super cute baby eating baby mush and not getting it everywhere!! Eating, drooling, pooping, little spills…. ewwwwwww babies are messy! So evidently, there is always going to be a mess, and realistically you are going to be continuously cleaning up.CLEAN, WASH, DRY,(wipe nose, wipe bum!) REPEAT!!!

One thing you can do to help make life a little easier with cleaning, is to invest in products that are easily washable.

Alicia, the designer behind Marmalade Lion, started making her product for this reason.

It soon became clear to her that most products on the market were not designed for easy washing. And so, she started making a few removable covers for her to use with her children.

Marmalade Couch Covers

The Marmalade Lion Pram Liners and Couch Covers are all made from a high quality dense cotton constructed fabric with a waterproof inner lining to ensure that any spills don’t soak through. This makes it super easy to whip off the cover to wash it while knowing that the underneath layer is still dry and free from damp and mould. You can always have a clean and fresh cover on while the other one is in the wash! 

 Marmalade Lion Couch Cover, Cuddly Faces Print Couch Cover in Cuddly Faces Print 

Marmalade Lion Pram Liner, Cockatoo PrintPram Liner in Cockatoo Print


The range of Activity Mats also have a removable cover in the same construction- with a waterproof backing, and the foam insert has an added waterproof coating to ensure that there is no damp and mould build-up from spills soaking through.

 Marmalade Lion Activity Mat, Crocodile PrintActivity Mat with cover in Crocodile Print


There will always be mess. There will always be spills.

We can’t change this but we can help make life a little easier for you by taking the hard work out of cleaning these products that are used more then any other products whilst our children are young.

Are there any tricks that you would like to share that make the cleaning and hygiene process just that little bit easier? Please feel free to share below! 



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