Australian Bird Babushka Nesting Dolls

These adorable nesting dolls based on native Australian birds will look stunning in any room. Each design is hand-painted, with close attention to detail and a charming nostalgic feel.
  • These dolls are intended as decorative additions to your interior design (they’re definitely not toys), but they’re still a great way to get familiar with these great Australian birds. Your whole family will be identifying the cockatoo, gallah, kookaburra, budgie and penguin out in the wild in no time!

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Native Australian Bird Babushka

This set is beautiful. Each ‘bird’ is hand painted and is so much like the real thing. The colours are very realistic too. There are 4 little ‘birds’ waiting inside the first ‘bird’ and each one is amazing! Great for home decor or a special present

Donna Grech
Aussie nesting birds

I liked it so much I ordered one as a gift

Emily Kenny

Beautiful handcrafted products , really happy with them

A Hamilton
Australian Bird Babushka Nesting Dolls

We sent these babushka dolls to dear friends in Germany, in the hopes the Australian birds would remind their little girl of her other home down under. Our friends received the package surprisingly quickly and tell us that the babushka dolls are just as beautiful in person as they are online. They also couldn’t stop raving about the birthday card that the team at Marmalade Lion put in the package for me (after a frantic, last minute email), asking me if I’d made the card myself. I haven’t seen it, but obviously it must be as stunning as the babushka dolls! Thank you so much for such a quick and easy transaction!

Becky Laurence
Beautiful twist on a classic toy

Absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is divine.

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